S A M 's Fitness Solutions, offer Gym Equipment Inspection Programmes geared to help you satisfy your health and safety responsibilities and retain members by maximising equipment availability.
Large Gyms :

We offer a Standard Gym Inspection Service, which is priced from £330.00 based on 20 machines.

Further machines may be added at a cost of £180.00 per 10., or £15.00 per machine, up to a maximum of 5 machines.

We are flexible in our approach to prices, and services offered.

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Small Gyms :

We offer a Small Gym Inspection Service priced from £180.00 for up to 10 machines.
Further machines may be added at a cost of £15.00 per machine, up to a maximum of 15 machines.

We are flexible in our approach to prices, and services offered.

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The Service :

Our Engineers spend approx. 15 minutes per machine inspecting and servicing, which includes basic lubrication, tightening, adjusting, testing, inspecting, etc, but excludes any parts, significant repairs or major servicing work.

You will receive a written report for each machine, this will list and prioritise any maintenance work, if any required. 

Afterwards, we supply an Inspection Certificate for your notice board so that you can show to your members that the equipment has been properly inspected and serviced.

We will also agree with you, the frequency of subsequent visits as appropriate.

This will be based on the condition and age of the equipment and the forecasted use.

If subsequent repairs are required, these will be quoted, prioritised and scheduled with your agreement, so that you stay in control of your expenditure.   

We invoice immediately after the visit and offer discount for repeat customers.

What you receive :

Your own assigned Engineer.
A written report for each machine.
Inspect Cables and Fixings.
Check and lubricate Main Belts, Pulleys, Rollers, and Bearings.
Test Guards, E-Stops, Locking Keys, Seat Belts and Straps.
Inspect Handles and Grips.    
Check Bump Stops, Shock Absorbers.
Inspect Seat fixings, Platforms, Decks, Pedals.
Inspect Trim, Upholstery, Cushions, Seat Pads.
Test Electrics, Earthing, Fuses.
Check adjustment mechanisms and programmes.
Lubrication to main points.
Check CE Mark.
Check Safe Working Limits Visible.
Report on overall condition.
Prioritise Rectification.
Followed by:
Inspection report of all machines which have been serviced. 
A laminated Inspection Certificate for your wall.
No obligation prices for any rectification.
Scheduled follow up inspections.
Why bother with a Gym Inspection?
The Health and Safety Executive recommend that gym equipment should be inspected daily for signs of wear and tear or damage, and thoroughly inspected at least annually, depending on usage, as part of a maintenance regime.

S A M's Fitness Solutions maintenance programme satisfies the requirement for a maintenance regime. At the end of each inspection, you will receive individual Machine Inspection Reports, for each machine inspected. 

Besides Health and Safety, there is also a commercial benefit to be gained from regular maintenance.This includes optimising the equipment performance and ensuring the maximum equipment life, for the least amount of expenditure.

To support our gym inspection programme we also offer a wide range of support services including:
Mechanical repairs.
Electrical repairs.
Electronic repairs, where possible or cost effective.
Obsolete parts repair or re-manufacture, where possible or cost effective. 
Cables, ropes and belts.
Upholstery repairs.
Servicing and lubrication.

Our Engineers are trained to help and advise you about your ongoing machine repair strategy, taking into account how the equipment is used, and how often it is used.
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