Call Out Repairs / Diagnosis Service :

A repair will usually involve one of our expert Engineers visiting your premises.

He will diagnose the root cause of your problem which is not always as simple as it first appears.

For example, treadmill motors rarely fail as the result of a motor problem!

These failures are often brought on by other problems with the machine which result in the motor having to work harder....which leads to it's eventual failure.

Therefore, simply fitting a new motor could mean you will have the same problem occur again.

It is for this reason that we believe the process works best as follows.

Step 1 : Book an Engineer :

Arrange a Diagnosis by using our online form .

A diagnosis is £60.00, depending on where you live.

For a comprehensive list of areas we cover and the prices for these areas, click above on Areas Covered Tab

If you are not sure whether you need an Engineer to visit then contact us we may be able to advise.

Step 2 : We Visit :

We will contact you to arrange for an Engineer to visit to complete the diagnosis at the earliest convenient date.

We organise our visits into geographical areas and a visit will typically be scheduled within 7 days subject to your availability.

For customers who require an urgent visit, there is an upgrade option available to get you to the front of the queue!

When booking a call out simply ask for a priority callout this adds £40.00.

Step 3 - We Repair :

The repair itself will be charged extra to the diagnosis. If it is possible to repair your machine during the diagnosis visit, we will do so and these type of repairs will typically add £20.00, plus the cost of any parts used.

If new parts need to be ordered then we will ask you to pay for the diagnosis.

Then we will quote you a fixed price for the repair, there is No Call Out Charge

It may take us a few days to get a fixed price confirmed especially if we need to place enquiries with our suppliers.

However, we can normally give you an estimate on the day of the visit.

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Why book a Service Diagnosis ?

We recommend a diagnosis first because this will gain you an overview of your machine condition which you can take into account when deciding whether to proceed with a repair.

However, if you are confident you know the cause of the problem, you can bypass the diagnosis and tell us exactly what you need.

We will then give you a fixed price for the repair. In this case, you will assume all the risk and we will ask you to pay upfront.

There are no hidden charges and no hourly rates to worry about, what we quote you is what you pay.

What if the problem can't be fixed?

All faults can be fixed, but in some cases, it is simply not cost effective to repair a machine.

If we feel that you could be throwing good money after bad by having the machine repaired, then we will tell you and explain why.

If you decide that your machine is beyond economic repair, our Engineer may be able to help you find a suitable replacement machine to suit your work out routine and budget.

Is the repair covered by a warranty?

Probably one of the most important question to ask.

All parts we fit and our workmanship is covered by a full 3 month warranty.

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